October 21, 2021

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VVS grads acquire awards, scholarships

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VERONA — Here is a listing of awards and scholarships acquired by users of the Class of 2021 at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Significant Faculty:

Citizenship Awards

American Legion Auxiliary William Russell Unit #404 of Vernon Award — Jacob Clifford

Sherrill American Legion Write-up #230 Memorial Award — Kelsey Wickham

William Russell Write-up #404 of Vernon Award — Morgan Brewer, Evan Kirkpatrick

Masonic Service Award — Christopher Kantor

Tutorial Awards

Mrs. June H. Miller Award — Tucker Carney, Karli Doig

Pexton Verbal English Award — Jade Boris, Robert Merrill

Robert Lee Kegebein III Interest and Effort and hard work in Math Award — Taylir Doig

Science Division Award — Anna Rossi

Memorial Awards

Charles Clark Memorial Award — Karli Doig

Carl E. Collins Memorial Award — Molly Adams

Philip Crane Award — Samuel Donnelly

Richard H. Durant Memorial Award — Julia Felici

Kathy C. Eichenlaub Scholarship Fund — Audio: Amanda Moyer Soccer: Derek Tudman

Neal A. Fargo Memorial Award — Tyler Franklin

Jamie Ronald Finen Memorial Award — Michael Peppenelli

The Mike Finley Award — Keagan Borasky-Mills

Mary Jo Hojohn Memorial Scholarship — Madison Cullen

Joe’s Jerky Memorial Award (Mikayla Guile) — Ian Drummond

Amy Johnson-Dunfield Memorial Award — Lindsay Carrier

“Life is a Miracle”: The Liam M. Kinne Memorial Scholarship — Anna Rossi, Samantha Ward

Mary Knapp Memorial Award — Anna Rossi

The Clyde LaForest Memorial Award — Lucas Croft

Phillip R. Lagoy Memorial Award — Molly Adams

Kim McAree Memorial Scholarship — Taylir Doig

Dr. Thomas D. Morgan Memorial Award — Austin Rood

Pennies from Heaven Ray “Butch” Davis Scholarship — Molly Adams, Michael Peppenelli

James and Stella Piatkowski Memorial Award — Michael Peppenelli

The Kasey Right Memorial Award — Kyle Burback, Aden Munz

The Kristi L. Correct Memorial Scholarship Award — Brooke Durfee

Delwin J. Regner Award — Molly Adams

Donald C. Rosenthal Memorial Award — Manuel Lavesa-Cesana

Jason M. Salatino Memorial Award — Lucas Croft

Freda Scheifele Memorial Award — Samuel Donnelly, Christopher Kantor

The Robert A. Shumway, Jr. Memorial Award — Arayla Garcia

Becky Simmons Memorial Audio Scholarship — Samantha Ward

The Michael Sowich Memorial Scholarship — Colleen English

The William H. Carey Memorial Award — Charles Kobler

Distinctive Awards

Access Federal Credit history Union Scholarship — Lindsay Carrier

Beal Group University Enterprise Administration Award — Luca Sperati

Rosamond and Gene Bennati Scholarship — Evan Kirkpatrick

FFA Booster Club Award — Molly Adams, Aaron Freeman, Michael Peppenelli

Greenway-Verona Mills Fish and Recreation Club Award — Keagan Borasky-Mills

National Honor Modern society Scholarships — Jade Boris, Lindsay Provider, Perri Cronk, Karli Doig, Taylir Doig, Ryane Freeman, Evan Kirkpatrick, Amanda Moyer, Austin Rood, Anna Rossi, Samantha Ward

Joe’s Jerky Scholarship — Robert Merrill

Oneida Healthcare Middle Basis Wellbeing Vocation Scholarship — Anna Rossi

Oneida-Sherrill Lions Club Award — Samantha Ward

Oneida-Sherrill Lions Club Edmond W. Miller Award — Madison Cullen’

William B. and Marion Patrick Award — Thomas Harvell

Red Zone Faculty Store Scholarships — Amanda Moyer, Alen Dedic, Kiley Jacobs, Trent Klis, Jillian Reed, Christopher Faherty, Madison Cullen

Sherrill Backyard Club — Manuel Lavesa-Cesana

St. Helena’s Faith Formation Award — Colleen English, Evan Kirkpatrick

Stanwix Veterans and Men’s Club Scholarship — Joseph Guertin

The Randy and Cindy Thomas Award — Brooke Andrews, Morgan Brewer, Lindsay Provider, Madison Cullen, Samuel Donnelly, Zachary Petersen, Anna Rossi, Derek Tudman, Samantha Ward

David J. VanSlyke and Brothers Scholar Athletic Award — Morgan Brewer, Evan Kirkpatrick

Verona Fire Department Females Auxiliary Award — Alen Dedic, LeeAnne Lowery

VVS Community Rotary Club Scholarships: Provider Previously mentioned Self Award: Karli Doig Hartman T. Oatman Award/Janet Regner: Evan Kirkpatrick President’s Award: Perri Cronk Interact Award: Taylir Doig

VVS CSEA Award — Molly Adams, Charles Kobler

VVS Retired Teachers’ Affiliation Award — Madison Cullen, Amanda Moyer

VVS Teachers’ Association Award — Lindsay Carrier, Perri Cronk, Karli Doig, Taylir Doig, Samuel Donnelly, Christopher Kantor, Evan Kirkpatrick, Anna Rossi, Samantha Ward

VVS Schooling Foundation Awards

The VVS Scholarship Foundation is a section of the VVS Instruction Foundation an independent neighborhood primarily based non-financial gain business. Shaped in 1983 as VVS Pounds for Students, the Scholarship Basis has served in excess of 1,800 pupils from Vernon, Verona and Sherrill with a lot more than $1,100,000 in direct economical help. All monies are regionally raised from our caring neighborhood and domestically distributed to deserving students.

2021 Award Winners:

The Howard and Bess Chapman Charitable Corp. Scholarship — Lindsay Provider, Samantha Ward

Dr. Theodore J. Prowda Memorial Senior Scholarship — Colleen English

NBT Scholarship, Robert Sweet Memorial Scholarship — Cole Winn

Oneida Economic Corp. Scholarship in Memory of Michelle Dunn, Charles Noyes Memorial Scholarship — Jake Pawlika

John Deal Memorial Scholarship — Dion Putaski

Diedi Thurston Memorial Scholarship — Madison Paul

J. D. George Elementary PTO Scholarship — Molly Forbes

W. A. Wettel Elementary PTSO Scholarship, VVS School Staff Scholarship — Jade Boris

Verona Fire Department Scholarship — Taylor Foster

Captain Martin H. Cesana Memorial Scholarship — Samuel Donnelly

Sherrie A. Urtz Memorial Scholarship — Zack Reynolds

Local community Vehicle Wash Scholarship — Madison Cullen

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart M. Hill Memorial Scholarship — Christopher Kantor

James Radley Mattioli Memorial Scholarship — Derek Tudman

Joseph and Margaret Cmaylo Memorial Scholarship — Nathan Woodbury

VVS Community Rotary Scholarship — Lucas Croft

Troy Grabow Scholarship — Manuel Lavesa-Cesana

Jerry Getman Memorial Scholarship — Morgan Brewer

Stephen Bielicki Scholarship — Taylir Doig

James Black Memorial Scholarship — Blakelyn Hale

George A. Gafner Memorial Scholarship — Molly Adams

Kuhn North America, Inc. Scholarship — Ryan Dwelling

Mary Lou Dempsey Memorial Scholarship — Danae Buddy

Verona Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship — Leisie Muttillo

Verona Significant College Alumni Scholarship Reward — Karli Doig

Mark Dixon Memorial Scholarship — Amanda Moyer

Adirondack Setting up and Development Scholarship — William Kotwica

Thomas R. Giffune Memorial Scholarship — Gabriela Rubio-Palencia

Sherrill Kenwood Neighborhood Chest Scholarship — Jason Kantor, Robert Merrill

Freeman and Florence Legislation Memorial Scholarship, VVS Education Salutatorian Bonus — Evan Kirkpatrick

Mary Knapp Memorial Scholarship Specified by Shalini Sudarsanan — Trent Klis

Doris Anderegg Memorial Scholarship — Tyler Franklin

E. A. McAllister PTSO Scholarship — Brennah Durfee, Brooke Andrews

Dr. Schiele Brewer Memorial Scholarship — Christopher Faherty

VVS Administrators’ Scholarship, VVS Schooling Basis Valedictorian Reward — Tucker Carney

Tri-Valley Loved ones Observe Scholarship — Brooke Durfee

Sue Ann Williams Memorial Scholarship — Nicholas Pecorello

Katherine Anderegg Memorial Scholarship — Bridget Turnbole

Eileen Heinig-Ward Memorial Scholarship — Angelina Luther

Mildred Conley Memorial Scholarship — Ryane Freeman

Robert A. Stook and Marion Hogan Stook Memorial Award — Kiley Jacobs

C. T. E. Basis Scholarship — Kelsey Wickham

Anne M. Pryor Memorial Scholarship — Anna Rossi

Dr. John D. George, III Memorial Scholarship — Perri Cronk

Athalie and William Wiley Memorial Scholarship — Thomas Harvell

Nameless Scholarship in Recognition of Cindy Thomas — Zachary Petersen

Albert Anderegg Memorial Scholarship— Austin Rood

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