October 18, 2021

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Historic tea garden manager slams ‘nonsense’ test and trace after staff told to isolate

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In a post on Facebook a member of staff at tea garden revealed that the establishment had to shut for the coming days after employees were instructed to isolate by the NHS tracing system

The popular tea house has welcomed notable guests

A manager at an historic tea garden once frequented by Virginia Woolf and Alan Turing has blasted the Test and Trace system as ‘nonsense’ after being forced to close because of Covid.

In a furious post on social media bosses at the Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire , said the system was ‘silently killing the hospitality sector.’

In the post it was said the establishment had to shut for the coming days after staff were instructed to isolate by the NHS tracing system.

A boss wrote: “I am very sorry but we have had to shut this weekend and possibly into early next week too because Track and Trace has instructed the majority of our staff to self isolate.

The tea garden posted the reaction on social media



“No one is poorly! This nonsense of a system is harming our children’s education and now it is silently killing the hospitality sector.”

The post has attracted dozens of comments, with some supporting the tea garden’s stance, while others said it was ‘better to be cautious than dead.’

Hedy Fletcher wrote: “It’s all wrong. This government is destroying our country. They were doing it before Covid and now it’s just so much [worse].”

Eve Wooldrige said: “I agree with your thoughts. Have your staff had Covid tests? Have any of them tested positive? Do track and trace instruct them to?

“I haven’t been contacted by them yet, so wondering what would happen if I was. I cannot believe the football crowds are allowed to gather and your lovely tea rooms have to close! It’s just crazy. Businesses and banks are closing daily, what will we be left with eventually.”

Owners said they had to shut for a few days because of the test and trace system


Cambridge News)

Bea Wain added: “How frustrating. Hopefully the government will see sense soon and allow people to test daily if contacted by track & trace and if they are negative then they won’t have to isolate.”

Meanwhile, others supported the temporary closure and pointed to the public health benefits.

Sue Ling said: “So what would everyone suggest as an alternative then, it doesn’t matter what the government do to try and get us all through this nightmare people still whinge when they get contacted to isolate for everyone’s safety….just stick to the rules and stop moaning.”

Jane Stiles wrote: “There are many with non-symptomatic Covid. They don’t feel unwell but they are still able to pass it on to people which of course nobody wants.

“I think it’s a real shame that you have to close but I thank you for doing it for the safety of others.”

Cecilia Van Zyl Shiels said: “Sorry to hear that, but rather cautious than dead.”

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