December 9, 2022

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Granati Brothers, Donnie Iris, Andre Costello & Lone Bellow shined

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The Granati Brothers proved they’re mightier than a speeding train. And the good news is Jimi Miller was in the entrance row, or there wouldn’t have been a snare drum when Donnie Iris strike the phase.

A concert prolonged to be remembered introduced sufficient pleasure final weekend, as The Granati Brothers performed Beaver Station Cultural Function Center with showcased visitor Donnie Iris.

A report-setting sellout of 325, furthermore a couple of dozen looking at from porches throughout the avenue, witnessed a free and engaging night of Beaver Valley rock royalty. 

The Granatis did Granati things — David spinning his strapped guitar all over his system like a diagonal hula hoop and skillfully shredding it at the rear of his head Hermie singing his heart out as his fingertips danced across his keys Joey performing it all, together with vocals, bass, wisecracks and a comical “Italian salute” to the drone buzzing over the phase stay-streaming the action.

The triple-staff percussion of Rick, his son Jules, and cousin Tony Bonomo gave a propulsive defeat to Granati originals from their A&M Information days, extra the latest originals like “The Exhibit,” and well-preferred addresses like Paul McCartney’s “It’s possible I am Surprised” and the Black Crowes’/Otis Redding’s “Hard to Take care of.” 

David Granati had tricks but no sleeves as he thrilled a record-setting crowd at Beaver Station Cultural & Event Center in Beaver.

The band conjured fire for the duration of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman,” with David strolling down the stage measures toward the crowd as he wailed on guitar. Audience customers were being distracted by a dashing CSX train swooshing by, close adequate to throw a tennis ball at. With their backs to the coach, the Granatis stored on trucking like they failed to notice. At intermission, numerous people confirmed my perception: The Granati Brothers’ forceful playing drowned out the sound of the teach.

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